Digital Oscilloscopes

GW Instek

GW Instek provide a complete range of Digital Oscilloscopes which have integrated features such as Spectrum Analysers, DMM’s, Logic Analysers and Power Supplies making them a powerful instrument for monitoring and analysis of signals. Features include Mixed Domain, Mixed Signal, Serial Analysis, FFT Analysis as well as Visual Persistance Display adding the the easability of their User Interface.

If your application requires a General Purpose Digital Oscilloscope with:

  • Bandwidth from 70MHz to 500MHz
  • Up to 5GS/s Sampling Rate
  • 8 Bit Resolution
  • 2 or 4 Channels
  • Up to 10Mpts Acquisition Memory

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Teledyne LeCroy

Teledyne Lecroy have released the LabMaster 10-100Zi real-time oscilloscope which boasts the world’s highest bandwidth and fastest sampling rate. This world-leading performance is key to analyzing and understanding the fastest phenomena found in R&D labs where engineers and scientists are working on next-generation communication systems, high-bandwidth electrical components, and fundamental scientific research.

Teledyne Lecroy have a reputation of designing Digital Oscilloscopes which incorporate long acquisition memory to Capture, Measure, Zoom and Analyse without missing phenomena on waveforms that are acquired. Teledyne Lecroy offer a broad range of premium High Performance Digital Oscilloscopes providing features such as Spectrum Analysis, Mixed Signal Analysis, Serial Data Analysis with the Broadest Bandwidth, Fastest Sampling Rate and Largest Acquisition Memory in the industry.

If your application requires a High Performance Premium Digital Oscilloscope with:

  • Bandwidth from 200MHz to 100GHz
  • Up to 240GS/s Sampling Rate
  • 8 or 12 Bit Resolution
  • 2 to 80 Channels
  • Up to 1024Mpts Acquisition Memory

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Digital Oscilloscopes Probes and Accessories

Teledyne LeCroy has a wide variety of world class probes and amplifiers to complement its Digital Oscilloscope product line. From the ZS high impedance active probes to the WaveLink differential probing system which offers bandwidths up to 25 GHz, Teledyne LeCroy probes and probe accessories provide optimum mechanical connections for signal measurement.

  • Active Voltage Rail Probes
  • Active Voltage Probes
  • Current Probes
  • Differential Probes to 25GHz
  • High Voltage Differential Probes
  • HV Optically Isolated Probes
  • Passive Probes
  • Optical to Electrical Converters
  • Transmission Probes

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