High Voltage


Trek manufactures High-Voltage Amplifiers, Piezo Drivers and Power Supplies for demanding applications. The company also makes Electrostatic Measurement instruments for high performance applications, and offers electrostatic sensors and detectors, electrostatic voltmeters, charged plate monitors, surface resistance/resistivity meters, fieldmeters, ESD audit kits, and ionizers for electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications. Markets served include Electrophotography, ESD, Piezoelectronics, semiconductors and a wide variety of R&D applications.

  • High Voltage Range to +/-50kV
  • Frequency Range to 2.6MHz
  • Current Range to +/-300mA
  • High Voltage Amplifiers
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Electrostatic Voltmeters
  • Ultra High Impedance Voltmeters

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Stanford Research

The PS300 Series High Voltage Power Supplies — rugged, compact, reliable instruments for just about any high voltage application. With up to 20 kV output capability, a GPIB computer interface, and 0.001 % voltage regulation, these high voltage power supplies have become the industry standard.

  • +20 kV, -20 kV, +10 kV, -10 kV
    ±5 kV, ±2.5 kV, ±1.25 kV Ranges
  • 1 Volt Resolution
  • 0.05 % Accuracy
  • Programmable Limits and Trips
  • GPIB interface
  • RS-232 interface (10 kV & 20 kV models)

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