Data Acquisition/DSP/FPGA


Nallatech is first to market with the new “520″ FPGA Accelerator card featuring Intel’s ground-breaking Stratix 10 FPGA technology. The OpenCL-programmable 520 is capable of single precision floating point performance of up to 10 TFLOPS per device, plus support for multiple 100G network ports, along with fourbanks of DDR4 external memory. Four network ports enable dramatic FPGA-to-FPGA scaling independent of the PCIe bus, plus support for an array of serial I/O protocols operating up to 100G.
  • Up to 10 TFLOPS of peak single
    precision performance
  • 25MBytes of L1 cache @ up to 94
    TBytes/s Peak Bandwidth
  • 2 X Core performance gains over
    Arria 10
  • Four 100G Network Ports

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Innovative Integration

Innovative Integration designs and manufactures a variety of products which operate synergistically. Our broad range of XMC and FMC I/O modules support, capture and playback analogue signals from DC to 5 GHz, with any number of channels phase-aligned and synchronous. These can be combined with our rugged, embedded PC or SoC single board-computers and custom programmed using our comprehensive Malibu C++ control library and Framework Logic software packages to rapidly deploy unique products for real-time control, wireless communications, medical instrumentation and portable field measurements.
  • DAQ/FPGA System
  • Digital Transcievers
  • Digital Recievers
  • Embedded Computer Systems
  • System on a Chip SoC Solutions
  • Software Solutions

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Dataforth is the world leader in Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning and Data Communication products for industrial applications providing rugged signal and data integrity and wide spectrum accuracy as well as isolation and protection in hostile environments. ReDAQ Out-of-the-box software is available enabling users to easily create, save, and open graphical user interface projects for test, process, data collection, and data analysis applications

  • MAQ20 DAQ System
  • SCM5B Signal Conditioner Modules
  • DSCA Din Rail Signal Conditioner Modules
  • Temperature I/O Modules
  • Voltage I/O Modules
  • Current I/O Modules
  • High Voltage I/O Modules
  • Strain Gauge Modules
  • Potentiometer Modules

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Elsys is a young Swiss company that produce High Precision, Multi Channel, Long Acquisition Memory, Data Acquisition Systems offering stand alone autonomous systems in a robust enclosure or PCIe card that can be easily integrated in many high performance applications. The TransAS Application Software completes the system with easy GUI to configure, control and analyze. Gb Ethernet interface allows fast transmission of data and control and acquisition via the internet.

  • 240 MS/s Sample Rate
  • 16-bit Resolution
  • 128MS Acquisition Memory per channel
  • High-Precision: 0.03% of FSR
  • Gb Ethernet Interface
  • DAQ Software
  • Ballistic Software Analysis
  • Strain Gauge System
  • Low Noise Amplifiers

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Fiso Technologies

FISO Technologies Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of fiber optic sensors and signal conditioners. Committed to providing customers with innovative and reliable solutions for measuring parameters such as temperature, pressure, displacement and position, strain and load as well as refractive index in harsh environments and challenging applications, Fiso have a reputation in the energy industry as providing robust and leading edge technology products for Hot Spot Temperature measurement in Distribution and Power Transformers.

  • Multi Channel Systems
  • Multi Parameter Systems
  • Immune to EMI
  • Robust Fibre Optic Probes
  • Hot Spot Temperature Measurement
  • Probe Diagnostics
  • Alarm Relay Outputs
  • Setup, Configure, Monitor Software

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