High Voltage Amplifiers

Trek offer an extensive line of high-voltage amplifiers with a choice of voltage and current ranges to accommodate a variety of demanding applications. Many models include an automatic crossover compliance limit or current trip feature for protective shut-down. Trek high-voltage amplifiers are protected against output short circuits and over voltages. These amplifiers are used as high-voltage power supplies in some applications.

  • High Voltage Range to +/-50kV
  • Frequency Range to 2.6MHz
  • Current Range to +/-300mA

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High Voltage Function Generator

Applications for high-voltage function generators include AC and DC biasing of electrophotographic charger rollers, electrorheological fluid research, dielectric material characterization, and utilization as a general purpose high-voltage function generator.

  • High Voltage Range:0 to +/-10kV
  • Frequency Range:100Hz to 10KHz
  • Current Range: 0 to +/-10mA

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Quad Channel Electrostatic Voltmeters

Trek Model PD06078 Electrostatic Voltmeter (ESVM) is a four (4) channel voltage measuring instrument which is ideally suited to monitor critical operations associated with semiconductor, LCD, electronic assembly, and other processes where static charge accumulation poses a threat to production yields or product quality.Each channel of the Model PD06078 ESVM utilizes a DC stable electrostatic field chopper probe which can be remotely located and easily positioned within process equipment to provide highly accurate, noncontacting, spacing independent, voltage measurements in either ionized or non-ionized environments.

  • Quad Channel
  • Measurement Range:0 to +/-10kV
  • Voltage Output Monitors
  • 4-20mA Current

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Non Contact Electrostatic Voltmeters

Trek’s novel non-contacting voltmeter designs achieve high accuracy measurements that are virtually insensitive to variations in probe-to-surface distances, and prevent arc-over between the probe and measured surface. This is ideal for applications where surface contact must be avoided.

  • Measurement Range:0 to +/-20kV
  • Less than 200 μs for 1 kV step
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% FS

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Contact Electrostatic Voltmeters

Trek’s Infinitron® line offers a breakthrough in the world of electrostatic voltmeters. This ultra-high impedance contacting voltmeter technology makes it possible to do highly accurate contacting measurements with virtually no charge transfer. This contrasts with other contacting measurement technologies that transfer charge upon contact, thereby compromising the electrical condition of the surface being measured.

  • Measurement Range:0 to +/-2kV
  • Less than 500 μs
    for a 1 kV step
  • Accuracy: 0.1% FS

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Charge Plate Monitor

The Trek Model 158A Charged-Plate Monitor is the premier instrument to evaluate the performance of air ionization systems and Material Dissipation Testing. It features a voltage range of 1kV up to 80Hz a user-friendly large 7 inch screen that is active through either touch-screen control or corresponding function keys and compact design supporting superior data collection and data storage capability. The data is displayed in color and may be stored internally or can be easily transferred to a USB flash drive or other USB device. A charged-plate assembly is required and is sold separately

    Typical Applications Include:

  • Performance evaluation of air ionization systems
  • Material Dissipation Testing
  • Site Specific Contacting Voltage Measurement
  • Static Charge Monitoring
  • Voltage measurement of floor materials & footwear in combination with a person
    (ANSI ESD STM97.2 and IEC61340-4-5)

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