Innovative Integration

Model FMC-SDF Simultaneously Sampling ADCs and
DACs with an FPGA Computing Core

The FMC-SDF module features four simultaneously sampling ADCs and DACs with an FPGA Computing core. High resolution sigma-delta ADCs and high resolution DACs support high dynamic range applications such as audio, ATE and seismic data acquisition. Clock and trigger controls include support for consistent servo loop timing, counted frames, software triggering and external triggering. The sample rate clock is either an external clock or on-board programmable PLL clock source.

  • 4 Channels Simultaneous Sampling ADC’s
  • 625 kSPS Sampling Rate with 24-bit Resolution
  • Tachometer Input
  • Sample Clocks and Timing Controls
  • Reference: 10MHz, ±250ppb Stability

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ePC Duo Embedded Computer

The ePC-Duo is a user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument that includes a full Windows/Linux PC and supports a wide assortment of ultimate-performance XMC modules. With its modular IO, scalable performance, and easy to use PC architecture, the ePC-Duo reduces
time-to- market while providing the performance you need.

  • Dual XMC Module Slots
  • Windows, Linux and RTOS support
  • IEEE 1588 Network Timing – GPS
  • USB3, Dual 10 Gb Ethernet, SATA3 x4
  • AC or DC Operation

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Innovative Integration Catalogue

Innovative Integration designs and manufactures a variety of products which operate synergistically. Our broad range of XMC and FMC I/O modules support, capture and playback analogue signals from DC to 5 GHz, with any number of channels phase-aligned and synchronous. These can be combined with our rugged, embedded PC or SoC single board-computers and custom programmed using our comprehensive Malibu C++ control library and Framework Logic software packages to rapidly deploy unique products for real-time control, wireless communications, medical instrumentation and portable field measurements.

  • DAQ/FPGA System
  • Digital Transcievers
  • Digital Recievers
  • Embedded Computer Systems
  • System on a Chip SoC Solutions
  • Software Solutions

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